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Dean’s Carries the Full Line of These Fine Products

About Freestanding Stoves

Ventilation: Freestanding stoves require ventilation. You do not need an existing fireplace, but you can use the fireplace for ventilation. Stoves can be professionally installed in the basement of your home, a room, a cabin, and even a mobile home – virtually in any room with access to ventilation and the ability of heating clearance.

Heating Capacity: There are many sizes of freestanding stoves, each with varying heat outputs (BTU/hr), which directly relates to the square feet of heating capacity and burn time. A salesperson at Dean’s will be able to help you choose the correct stove for your heating needs.

Cost: What is the purpose of your freestanding stove? Most often it is to offset home heating costs, have a reliable heat source due to power outages, or to heat an area that has no other means of fuel. In any case, there are several factors that will affect cost – the cost of the fuel choice, the size of the area it will heat, unit size, and more.

Installation & Safety: Unlike a fireplace insert, a freestanding stove has more flexible placement, allowing you to install the stove in the most efficient area. We highly recommend you speak with one of our knowledgeable staff and urge you to only have your stove professionally installed by our qualifed installation crew. Adequate ventilation, knowledgeable placement within your home, and installing within strict fire codes are all extremely important for the safety of your family and home.

Why Do I Need a Freestanding Stove?

  • Free yourself from high heating bills.
  • An additional reliable heating source.
  • Flexible placement within your home.

The best stoves mean the best efficiency, lowest emissions, and longevity. Since 1979, Dean’s Stove & Spa has been the largest, most knowledgeable retailer of freestanding stoves in the Northeast. We pride ourselves on spending individual time with our customers, sharing our expertise and answering your questions. Purchasing an alternative heating source for your home is an important decision – lets make that together.

Gas Stoves

Looking for a secondary heat source and stunning beauty with little to no maintenance required? Go green with gas!

  • Award-winning technology that produces higher efficiency, hotter burns, durability, and unmatched realism set our stoves apart from all the rest.
  • Battery backups in case of a power outage.
  • Our gas stoves are compatible with natural gas or propane, and consideration should be taken regarding ease and cost of fuel source.

Wood Stoves

There’s nothing like warming up to a cozy wood stove, and Dean’s has the best selection in the industry.

  • At as little as 0.45 grams of emissions per hour, wood stoves from Dean’s are the industry’s most efficient.
  • Wood is the best fuel choice in the event of a power outage – they do not require electricity to run, and can even be used as a stovetop to cook on!
  • Wood stoves do require more maintenance than gas or pellet.
Best freestanding stoves
How Does This Deerfield Pellet Stove Work?

1) Large capacity 60 pound hopper.

2) Horizontal Rotary Disc (HRD™): a high-precision mechanism designed to deliver all grades of pellets to the burn chamber.

3) High-torque drive motors for HRD™ and auger.

4) Heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel burn chamber burns all grades of pellets.

5) Electric pellet igniter.

6) Large capacity ash pan for fewer cleaning cycles.

7) Quiet 100 CFM combustion fan.

8) Outside combustion air, 3″ intake diameter.

9) Preheated chamber for air delivered to the air wash.

10) Air wash to keep glass clean.

11) Mirrored ceramic glass.

12) Stainless steel firebox liners.

13) 25 pound cast iron heat exchanger for maximum convection heat transfer.

14) 3” exhaust vent.

15) Two high-heat transfer 90 CFM convection fans for quiet heated air circulation.

16) The award-winning TouchSmart™ control panel is seamlessly integrated into the glass fuel loading door and operates every function of the Deerfield with ease.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who would like to save money on heating!

  • Because our pellet stoves are the most efficient in the industry, there is a fast return on investment.
  • Use your pellet stove on manual mode, or choose from many programmable settings to accommodate your schedule and heating needs!
  • Freestanding pellet stoves require the simplest and least amount of venting of vented fuel sources.
  • Pellet stoves do require electricity to run.
Best freestanding stoves

Electric Stoves

Our freestanding electric stoves provide an excellent way for anyone looking for supplementary heat and a unique focal point to make a statement in any room.

  • Electric stoves are easily portable and require no venting.
  • Remote controls allow you to choose from a multitude of colors and displays, and the interior media can be swapped out and arranged however you wish.
  • Electric stoves require by far the least maintenance of any fuel source.
Best freestanding stoves
How Do Our Bioethanol Stoves Work?

How Is Bioethanol Made?

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products – mainly sugarcane and crops like grain, using yeast. It is also made from corn, potatoes, milk, rice, beetroot, and recently grapes, bananas, and dates depending on the country’s agricultural strength.

Why Is It Clean-Burning?

Bioethanol burns cleanly because it is a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products…no smoke, no sparks, no fuss.

Why Is It Sustainable?

The combustion of bioethanol results in clean emission: heat, steam, and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants, and is then processed via photosynthesis to help the plant grow. This infinite cycle of creation and combustion of energy makes bioethanol a carbon neutral fuel source.

EcoSmart Ventless Stoves

EcoSmart brings you sleek, stylish bioethanol-fueled freestanding stoves…that can be placed anywhere in your home with zero venting!

  • Require no venting, gas lines, or electrical.
  • Bioethanol is a renewable, clean-burning fuel based on plants like corn and sugarcane.
  • Enjoy a tall, dancing flame from a “real” fire that gives off zero harmful emissions, soot, or ash.

Dean’s Popular Stove Models

Lopi Greenfield

Gas Stove

Up to 40,000 BTUs

Up to 80% efficient

Heats up to 2,000 square feet

Features patented Ember-Fyre burner, GreenSmart 2 wireless remote, and 3-sided glass

Hearthstone Stowe

Gas Stove

Up to 80% efficient

Heats up to 1,200 square feet

Ravelli RV 100 Classic

Pellet Stove

Up to 93% efficient – the most efficient pellet stoves in the world!

Heats up to 2,500 square feet

55 pound hopper

Up to 42 hour burn time

Lopi Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre

Wood Stove

Up to 86,000 BTUs

Up to 80% efficient

0.45 GPH emissions – the cleanest wood burning technology in the world!

Heats up to 2,500 square feet

Lopi Deerfield

Pellet Stove

Up to 49,200 BTUs

Up to 79% efficient

Heats up to 2,500 square feet

60 pound hopper

Features TouchSmart touchscreen control panel and illuminated glass hopper lid

Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre

Wood Stove

Up to 76,000 BTUs

1.4 GPH emissions

2.5 cubic foot firebox

Heats up to 2,000 square feet

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