Pellet free-standing


The Vittoria is a stunning, the Ferrari of pellet stoves. Featuring stainless steel heat exchangers, a self cleaning fire pot, FIREX 600/700 combustion technology and much more! Imported direct from Italy

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Available in four colors – white, bordeaux red, ceramic black and brown, all finished in anthracite painted steel. Featuring FireX technology, this beauty can heat up to 1,500 sq ft.

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The Deerfield™ combines beautiful European castings with next generation technology and optimum performance to bring you a revolutionary, ‘best-in-class’ pellet stove.

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AGP stands for ‘All Grades of Pellet.” AGP is easy to own, easy to operate, and easy to live with! Heavy duty construction, innovative technology, and premium features combine to bring you a reliable and efficient home heater that will keep your family warm for years to come!

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RV 80

Built with beautiful majolica tiling and cast iron grate, the RV80 features Ravelli’s FIREX 600 combustion chamber. Available in white, bordeaux red and ceramic black.

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RV 100

Available in three colors – white, bordeaux red, ceramic black. Featuring FireX technology 600/700, the RV100 has a glass cleaning system, majolica upper top, aluminum side panels and programmable thermostat.

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RV 100 Classic

Available in white and bordeaux red, the RV100 Classic features all of the innovative technologies from Ravelli. Built with FIREX 600 technology, cast iron grate and burn pot. Featuring its own cleaning system and tangential heating fan.

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