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"Dean's Favorite" Pizza Dough Recipe!


  • 1 liter room temperature water
  • 5 tsp salt
  • ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 ¼ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp dry yeast

Step 1: Combine water, yeast, and honey in a bowl. Mix yeast and honey together completely in a bowl of water until completely dissolved. Next, add 2 cups of flour to the water mixture. Knead together carefully until fully combined. Dough mixture should be sticky. Cover mixture with a dry towel and allow it to rest for 1 hour.

Step 2: After 1 hour has elapsed, proceed with kneading in the remaining ingredients. Combine the pre-fermented dough with the remaining flour, salt, and olive oil. Knead ingredients fully into a ball. Cover the dough ball with plastic wrap and allow it to rest for 1 additional hour.

Step 3: After 1 hour, uncover dough and divide into 8oz portions. Gently roll each portion into a ball, and place them onto a floured sheet pan. Dust a small amount of dry flour onto the top of each dough ball, and cover with more plastic wrap. Allow dough balls to rest for an additional 6-7 hours at room temperature. If you’re making the dough for the next day, the dough can now be placed into the refrigerator for use the next day. (Allow dough to come to room temperature before use.)

Step 4: Make your pizza and enjoy!

Italian-Made Quality

Pizza! It’s old-world pizza oven cooking brought to your outdoor kitchen. Dean’s imports all of our pizza ovens direct from Italy, and offers them to you at factory direct prices.

From a tiny patio or a large backyard, pizza ovens are a must. And Dean’s products offer a safe and easy way of creating authentic pizzas, because life is best enjoyed surrounded by great pizza and great friends.

Clementi and Rossofuoco both offer outstanding products that allow anyone to discover traditional Italian cooking methods in a very simple way…no other pizza oven in the industry can compare.


Clementi was founded in 1975 as a result of their love for old-fashioned tastes and passion to share them with the world. Their continuous research and development has made the manufacturing of high quality and high performance products possible.

  • Clementi’s patented Air Plus system provides continuous air flow, and their ultra-heavy insulation creates perfect heat retention.
  • Reaches and maintains temperatures over 700°F in 15-20 minutes.


Located in in the heart of The Marches with a wide women’s participation, Rossofuoco is characterized by love and respect for its roots and the synergy to produce a top-quality product…100% made in Italy.

  • For lovers of tradition, Rossofuoco produces wood-fired ovens with careful attention to detail and quality.
  • What makes Rossofuoco unique is their passion: the energy and the warmth they put into their work and the desire to offer consistently reliable products.

Separate Combustion Pizza Ovens

Our separate combustion ovens give anyone the chance to rediscover traditional ways of cooking in a very simple way.

  • These ovens are set apart by their exclusive sophisticated heat distribution systems, cooking your food evenly and preserving flavor.
  • With separate smoke and steam valves to regulate combustion intensity and humidity, ventilation control, interior lights, and more, you have complete control over your cooking experience.

Dean’s Popular Pizza Ovens

Clementino Pizza Oven

Clementi Clementino

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Direct combustion cooking

28″W x 14.5″H (34″ with chimney) x 19″D

23.5″ x 16″ cooking chamber

Tabletop oven perfect for small gardens

Clementi Smile

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Separate combustion cooking

25″W x 63.5″H (82″ with chimney) x 26″D

19″ x 16″ cooking chamber

Clementi Large Pulcinella

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Direct combustion cooking

44.5″W x 60.5″H (87″ with chimney) x 41″D

39.5″ x 31.5″ cooking chamber

Includes stand with wheels and side shelf

Rossofuoco Sedicinoni

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Separate combustion cooking

39.5″W x 72″H (92″ with chimney) x 30.5″D

29.5″ x 24″ cooking chamber

Shown with optional Falo barbecue attachment

Rossofuoco Nonnaluisa

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Direct combustion cooking

Includes stand with wheels

Rossofuoco Garden

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Separate combustion cooking

30″W x 69″H (89″ with chimney) x 36.5″D

19″ x 31″ cooking chamber

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