Clearwater Spas Resort Series Monaco Spa

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The Monaco is the perfect spa for anyone who is curious about just how luxurious and beneficial a spa can get. The jets and pumps of the Resort series provide more therapy than any other competitive spa. The Monaco’s deep-set, extravagant lounger offers the best hydrotherapy experience of any spa on the market – the countless strategically placed jets will give you the ultimate full body massage.


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  • 100% made in America.
  • 98 jets.
  • Seats up to 6 people.
  • Absolutely no wood can be found anywhere in or on these spas. Instead Clearwater uses self-supporting PVC pillars... which will never rot, mold, or rust.
  • Illuminated RIM cabinets that are virtually indestructible.
  • Instead of messy spray foam, Reflective Thermal Barrier insulation panels provide full access to inner components.
  • Silicone-sealed DuraFloor™ (combined with no spray foam to nest in or wood to chew on) means no mice will ever make a home in your spa.
  • TPS™ 4-Part Purification System.
    • Copper & Silver Ionization, in which positively charged silver and copper ions attach to negatively charged bacteria and destroy them.
    • Clear Balance Conditioner System™ that utilizes magnetic technology - water travels through a magnetic field that polarizes molecules, giving the water a positive charge. This process binds organic matter together, creating larger compounds that can easily be filtered out.
    • UVC system – the water is slowly passed thru a UVC light and the radiation has germicidal properties that disinfect the water.
    • Ozonator that turns oxygen into ozone, which is an unstable, colorless gas that has powerful oxidizing properties and kills bacteria in the water.
  • Dual Defense Filtration System™ - TWO filters keep your tub clean from top to bottom!
  • EcoSpray reinforced triple-layer shell is not only durable but environmentally friendly, with no volatile organic compounds produced during manufacturing - all Clearwater spas are E-Smart & CEC Certified.
  • Premium multicolor lighting - LED jets, coasters, water features, cabinets, pillows, and controls.
  • Digital touch screen control panel.
  • Color-matching removable LED bistro table.
  • Spillover waterfall and 2 stair-step cascading waterfalls.
  • 3 5HP jet pumps, 1 circ pump.
  • 540 gallons.

92.5"W x 92.5"D x 39.5"H

Dry Weight:
1100 lbs

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Whispering Winds shell, Brown cabinets, Pearl Shadow shell, Black cabinets

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