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What To Know About Ventless Gas Units

Safety Homes experience lowered levels of oxygen all the time – from fans, candles, unnoticed drafts, etc. – which causes incomplete combustion in a gas-fired unit. Incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide...and without an exhaust system, it has nowhere to go...

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NEW Travis Industries Products at Dean’s!

864 TV 40K Gas Fireplace Introducing the 864 TV 40K, the newest addition to the 864 Family and a true ‘best in class’ fireplace. This top vent fireplace is perfect for heating homes up to 2,000 square feet, with an ideal 40,000 BTU input and incredible 75% turndown...

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Beat the Spa Expos

The fair season is here, and Dean's Stove & Spa wants to remind you to not be fooled into buying a spa at a show! Not only are the prices higher at shows, but you will miss out on valuable benefits. Fairs are a one-time event, so sales reps are under a lot of...

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A New Dean’s Location!

New Hartford! Dean's Stove & Spa is coming to your town soon! We're happy to announce we'll be opening another showroom at 376 Main St! Since their previous hearth shop closed over a year ago, the New Hartford/Canton/Torrington area has really longed to have a...

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Why Do I Need a Hot Tub?

Arthritis Relief Many doctors strongly recommend hydrotherapy (soaking in warm water) as part of a comprehensive treatment of chronic arthritis pain (which may also include physiotherapy, hypnosis, and medication). Just 10 to 15 minutes per day in water temperatures...

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