NexGen™ Fyre Wood-Burning Stoves & Inserts

Have you heard about the new standards set in place by the EPA for 2020? Already, Travis Industries has not only met these requirements but exceeded them to a degree unheard of in the industry. NexGen-Fyre™ takes non-catalytic wood burning technology to the next level! With NexGen-Fyre™, primary and secondary combustion are harnessed to create the ultimate blended combustion system that produces beautiful, balanced fires with double the BTU range, up to 50% greater heat output, and longer burn times than any other non-catalytic technology – all of this with emissions ratings as low as 1.4 grams per hour.

The Answer, Endeavor, and Liberty stoves have been the most beloved, trusted wood stoves in America for decades, and their new 2020 versions with NexGen-Fyre™ exceed expectations. With viewing areas 43% larger than before, you’ll be blown away when you see how they burn!

DaVinci Timber Series Gas Fireplaces

DaVinci has boasted the best flame presentation of any modern linear gas fireplace on the market since its inception. Now, that title has been carried over to the traditional look that customers have been searching for in decorative gas fireplaces. The new DaVinci Timber Series comes in two sizes: 4′ or 6′ long, both 30″ tall – and both sizes come as Single-Sided, See-Thru, or See-Thru Indoor/Outdoor. The jaw-dropping fire surrounds the 9-piece log set just like a roaring bonfire – notice how the flame even wraps around the front of the logs! In fact, in both see-thru versions this effect is seen in both the front and the back. Travis Industries has perfected every detail for a spectacular flame from any angle.

Every DaVinci fireplace comes with SafeTouch™ glass that never gets hotter than 135º, and the Timber Series actually adds a third pane of glass to ensure maximum safety. They are even Smart Home capable!

ProBuilder 24 Portrait Gas Fireplace

If you are a fan of our bestselling Bed & Breakfast, you’ll love the new ProBuilder 24. This unit is a portrait-style gas fireplace just like its cousin, at a lower price point! And with different options such as Green Smart or millivolt ignition, Classic Oak or Birch log sets, Common Brick or Black Glass fireback, and more, it is even more customizable!

The new ProBuilder Series™ of traditional gas fireplaces are excellent zone heaters and are a beautiful, economical way to provide warmth to your home. As the smallest model in the ProBuilder lineup, this fireplace is an excellent choice for intimate spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The unique profile and “clean face” look of this top vent model complements all décor, focusing all the attention on the tall, elegant profile and stunning fire. Meanwhile its zonal heating capabilities add comforting warmth to rooms not normally considered for fireplaces.

430 & 616 Gas Inserts

Our bestselling 430 and 616 gas inserts have just gotten even better! While the huge, floor-reaching viewing areas remain the same, Travis Industries has rolled out new revolutionary features not available on any other insert on the market.

One feature we are very excited about is the new EmberGlo™ illuminated ember bed that has already been a hit with our customers since its debut on our gas fireplaces. You also now have the option of two gorgeous log sets to complement your hearth: the traditional Classic Oak or the new fan-favorite Birch. Additionally, the new EmberFyre 2 stadium-style burner elevates the flame from the front to the back, taking maximum advantage of the huge viewing area. All of these features combined create the most realistic and stunning gas fire in the industry – with the best view!

Fire Garden – 42″ x 30″ Outdoor Fireplace

Travis Industries has warmed homes for over 40 years, and now they are taking their fireplace expertise outdoors! Introducing Fire Garden, Travis Industries’ new brand of outdoor-dedicated fireplaces.

At 95,000 BTUs, the 42″ x 30″ traditional outdoor fireplace will keep you and your family cozy on those chilly nights. It has all the revolutionary features you love on models such as the 864 40K, optimized for the great outdoors. For instance, it features the familiar EmberGlo illuminated ember bed, but with watertight LED lighting! In order for the ignition system to be able to withstand the elements, Travis implemented EverStart, the same technology they’ve been using in their esteemed outdoor Tempest Torch units for 10 years. Not only will this unit look incredible in your outdoor space and warm you up on chilly nights, it will stand the test of time even when exposed to the elements!

Fire Garden – 64″ x 20″ Linear Outdoor Fireplace

Another member of the new Fire Garden family of outdoor fireplaces, the 64″ x 20″ redefines outdoor linear gas units. At 125,000 BTUs, this unit will heat up your outdoor space like nothing else. Say goodbye to those linear gas fires that look like a line of Bic lighters…this is the most incredible fire of any outdoor linear fireplace!

Available as a single-sided or see-thru, this unit features 5″ ceramic glass panels – keeping the fire looking great by blocking the wind and keeping your family safe by containing the flames. Like its brother the 42″ x 30″, this unit is constructed using galvanized steel and stainless steel to protect it from the elements, as well as chambers to redirect water flow out of the system. It, too, utilizes the tried-and-true EverStart ignition system for outdoor units. It even implements DaVinci Fireplace’s elegant TouchSmart control panel! No matter what your style, this unit will transform the way you live outdoors.

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