Open fireplaces in the home have been around for centuries and aren’t going away anytime soon. The problem? These fireplaces are so antiquated and inefficient they may as well burn money…even when they are not in use. To add to this, they are also outdated in terms of appearance and even safety. Today’s fireplace door options offer more safety, efficiency, and beauty than ever. With Stoll Industries’ 100% American-produced, custom-made doors, it’s a great time to find the fireplace door that meets your home’s needs! Let’s discover 5 reasons fireplace doors are a must-have.

#1: They are Energy and Cost Efficient

Outdoor temperatures are always working against that power bill, and the fireplace is literally an open door for outside conditions. Even when it is not in use, your fireplace is allowing air to escape up the chimney. In the winter the fireplace will steal your home’s warm air, and in the summer its cool air. In both cases, fireplace glass doors increase efficiency by minimizing the amount of air lost up the chimney at any time, all year round. They also are often much less expensive than an insert or fireplace remodel. In simple terms, a fireplace door saves you money!

#2: They Provide Safety

We all love the crackling, popping sound fire creates as it burns, but embers that jump from the fireplace can be a danger to people or pets sitting nearby. Fireplace doors and screens put a barrier between the fire and your home, your family, and your pets. They also keep embers and crackling logs safely in the firebox. We always recommend ordering your door with a screen, as Stoll’s standard glass is actually not designed to have the doors closed with a burning fire. If you definitely do not want a screen, you have the option to upgrade to a high-heat pyro ceramic glass which allow you to burn with the doors closed. Contact us to learn more!

#3: They Clean Up an Open Fireplace

An open, exposed masonry fireplace can look unfinished, dirty, and very outdated. Fireplace doors will tidy up the appearance of a firebox and visually bring the whole room together. They will even clean up your hearth in a physical manner, keeping ashes where they belong and generally maintaining the cleanliness of your hearth during the burn season.

#4: Their Design Options are Endless

With Stoll Industries, you have the freedom to create virtually any fireplace door imaginable. You can customize each and every element of your Stoll door– door style, frame style, finish of each component, custom patterns, and much more. With many gorgeous options offered, you can choose a fireplace door that perfectly fits the look and feel of your home, whether it’s rustic, modern, farmhouse or anything in between. In fact, our design department will even render your ideal door right into your existing fireplace. Dean’s and Stoll Industries’ mission is to create a custom look for every home, including yours!

#5: They Improve Prefabricated Fireboxes

Looks matter, right? Old prefabricated fireboxes are anything but artistic or attractive. But with Stoll Industries, they can actually be completely refaced. In fact, there are so many gorgeous refacing options, we’d do you a disservice not to mention them. Mounting them is so simple; they actually pop onto your prefabricated box with magnets. (Super strength magnets, to be exact. These aren’t your grandma’s refrigerator magnets.) Contact us and we’ll help you fit your home aesthetic and cozy up that metal box!

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