Can you guess which one was bought online?

Anyone can Photoshop a flame into a fireplace. But there’s simply no way to see the real deal until you view the unit in person. And you may not realize you were robbed of your money until it’s too late!

Dean’s Stove & Spa is a one-stop-shop whose mission is to be your consumer guide through every step of the process. We want you to go home with the right product for YOUR goal, and rest assured that you can rely on us for professional installation and service. When buying a hearth appliance online, all of this goes out the window. An online seller doesn’t care about your home’s unique venting, installation, and heating requirements, and has no interest in helping you in regards to service. If you contact them with such issues, they will likely just redirect you to the manufacturer. And (though there may be a hefty price tag attached) these appliances can be very cheaply manufactured, which they will avoid telling you. That almost guarantees tons of issues down the road. Plus, once the product arrives at your home, it is up to you to get it installed – and there is no guarantee that it will be professionally done according to strict codes and regulations. 

This is all under the assumption that your unit arrives in one piece…and looks/performs anything like it said it would online. Very often units will be Photoshopped with a roaring flame, only to arrive at your home looking like nothing more than a gas grill flame – coupled with zero heat output! Here at Dean’s we have burning units on display year-round, so not only can you see the real-life roaring flame in person but you can feel it crank out the heat!

Dean’s Stove & Spa is an authorized and reputable local dealer. We pride ourselves on being extremely selective about which products we sell to you, which is why we work only with the country’s most respected hearth manufacturers. That means products that are 100% American made, with the highest efficiencies, lowest emissions, highest heat outputs, and longest lifespans. We want you to demand more than standard, and nothing you find online will come close. Stop by today and see why!

As their East Coast House of Fire, Dean’s works primarily with Travis Industries. These are only a few of the prestigious awards they’ve received!

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