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Swim spas are an element to outdoor living that are often overlooked when one is planning their dream backyard oasis. This is unfortunate, as a swim spa can be a wonderful choice for any lifestyle as well as an excellent investment!

When you imagine typical swim spa usage, you might only picture athletes vigorously swimming toward resistance jets. While this is a phenomenal benefit of swim spas, this is only part of what they can do!

You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to reap the benefits of a swim spa – they are the perfect solution for anyone of any age to keep active and healthy. Use the river jets for gentle resistance as you wade in the spacious swimming area, or take a seat against the strategically placed hydrotherapy jets, and you will experience relief from arthritis, muscle pains, stress, and more. In this way swim spas prove their versatility: they act as both a large hot tub and a compact swimming pool! By adjusting the temperature, jet power, water features, and more, you’ll find that swim spas check off an entire list of necessities for your outdoor space, in one appliance – saving you a lot of space, and even more money.

You may be hesitant to consider a swim spa because they look costly, but did you know that they are actually significantly cheaper than pools? Even in the beginning stages of installing a custom pool, you will already see that the price difference is immense – and you won’t get a single benefit that you would otherwise get from a swim spa. Plus, our revolutionary swim spas use Hydro Cyclonic filtration – they keep the spa water cleaner than any other in the industry, all while using a fraction of the energy to filtrate and requiring 7x fewer chemicals.

The best part? Swim spas can be used year-round. Whether you want to take a dip on a scorching day or watch a beautiful snowfall in the midst of winter, you can change the swim spa’s temperature to accommodate your surroundings. No more painstaking labor of opening and closing the pool year after year!

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