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Our Team

From our sales team to our install/service teams, all of our staff is cross trained across all departments. Our install/service teams are certified from the National Fireplace Institute, knowledge needed to properly plan and install hearth products and their venting systems.

Industry Leading Products

After 43 years in business and a passion for the industry now more than ever, Dean and his team still personally visit each manufacturer and observe how the products are built from start to finish. He won’t sell you a product he hasn’t tested in his own home. House Of Fire represents the best in the hearth industry.

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New Arrivals

The Tempest Torch™ and Tempest Lantern™ are dramatic decorative outdoor gas lamps that break the barriers of standard gas torch design. Their patented design features an enchanting spiral flame dancing within tempered glass walls.

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What’s Next?

From our all new online store, YouTube blitz or to our sales team using augmented reality to show you what your fireplace will look like in real time – we have a dedicated team working to bring you the content you’ve been waiting for. Our customers experience always comes first. Stay tuned for exclusive offers!