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The world’s most well-built, unique, and luxurious spas at a cost lower than you’ll find anywhere online or any big box store…PLUS service and installation you can trust. Customers who buy from a big box store or online are on their own when an issue arises. As a customer of Dean’s, you can always count on us for professional service when you need it.

Dean’s is an authorized dealer of Coast Spas and Clearwater Spas products. Our Plantsville showroom showcases our most popular models – many in full operation. We invite our customers to try before you buy! Call ahead to experience the therapy for yourself.

The World’s Best Spas: Your Choice, Any Model, Every Day.

Dean’s continuously seeks the world’s finest products. We use our years of industry knowledge to compare engineering and design to ensure that our customers love the spa they purchase for years to come. These spa lines represent the best of the best in quality, benefits, and longevity.

Located in Woodinville, Washington, Clearwater Spas has been manufacturing 100% American-made, environmentally sound tubs since 1976. Their strides in the spa industry have resulted in spas that not only provide outstanding hydrotherapy and luxury, but stand the test of time. From swapping out wooden or metal frames for rot- and rust-proof PVC framing, to using efficient and clean RTB insulation panels rather than spray foam, to the industry’s most durable cabinet and floor systems, and much more, stop by and find out what makes Clearwater Spas one of the industry’s leaders.

Another longtime industry leader, Coast Spas has been changing the definition of a hot tub with their innovations since 1996. Dean’s is proud to showcase their incredible Curve and patented Infinity Edge series – stop by and ask what makes their unique features not only luxurious but beneficial to your spa experience! The cleanest spas in the industry, Coast Spas are the first and only portable tubs to implement Hydro-Cyclonic filtration – which is required in public hot tubs for health reasons. Not only this, but their steel-reinforced shells, advanced trillium jet placement, programmable filtration cycles, and much more prove that Coast Spas has changed the face of the spa industry.

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Dean’s Most Popular Product Lines

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NEW! Hot Tub Serum

No matter what hot tub you own, something all sides can agree on is that the water you bathe in should be safe, healthy, and clean. Now there is a hot tub life saver that is designed to work as a complete watercare system!

  • Hot Tub Serum is the ONLY product in the industry that effectively destroys sludge, biofilm, and even white water mold.
  • Formulated with advanced cleaners (the same technology that hospitals use to sanitize their operating rooms!) that will super clean your hot tub and keep it that way for the next 6 months…all in under 25 minutes.
  • The ONLY company in the industry that is EPA registered.
  • The spa industry’s only exclusive lifetime warranty jet program.
  • All natural, non toxic product.

Why Our Customers Trust Dean’s

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

Our staff is expertly trained in every make, model, and component. They will spend as much time as you need answering your questions and helping you choose the perfect spa for you and your family. Call ahead to schedule time with one of our representatives to experience the therapy for yourself.

Friendly, Immediate Service

Need help or service? Our service team is always available to assist our customers when an issue arises. We are here to help 7 days a week when trouble rears its head. Our expert factory trained technicians work quickly and efficiently to diagnose, repair, and get you back up and running.

Expert Installation

Our professional installation team will deliver and install your spa, review all the components, with you and show you how to efficiently operate your new hot tub. Your satisfaction is our highest priority! We’ll ensure the hot tub you choose gives you many years of trouble-free operation.

We've Got 35,000 Parts

Need parts? Dean’s manages a fully stocked parts department with over 35,000 unique parts. We even have many of the hard to find parts from older discontinued models that you won’t find anywhere else.

Warranty & Repair Support

Our technicians will work with the manufacturer and our dedicated warranty department to resolve the issue at little, to no cost to you. Older tub? We will diagnose the issue and provide you with a free estimate of the work that needs to be completed BEFORE the work starts.


We have that too, for everything we sell! Just ask our parts department specialists.