Our Top Picks – Pellets & Compressed Wood Fuels

With up to 75 burning models on display, Dean’s is the most experienced pellet distributor available. Because we use every pellet brand we sell in our own stoves, you can trust us to offer you the best fuel sources available.

Big box stores care absolutely nothing about pellet content – even if their brands may say premium, they often do not meet industry standards and can actually cause damage to appliances.

Dean’s has done so much research that pellet/pellet stove manufacturers like Energex and Ravelli come to us to test their products – something no other retailer can claim.

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blend

  • Dean’s has partnered with the country’s leading pellet manufacturer to bring you our own high performance mixer.
  • 8,900 BTUs per pound.
  • Green energy/carbon neutral.
  • NO binders, NO fillers, and NOTHING artificial – nothing but 100% wood product.
  • Far exceeds high performance PFI standards for premium fuel.
  • ONLY available at Dean’s!

1 Ton: $279.99 (cash), $289.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

COMING OCTOBER 2018 – Now taking pre-orders!

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood

  • A super premium hardwood pellet made in Mifflintown, PA.
  • Made from selected raw materials that allow them to have a super low ash content of less than 0.5%.

1 Ton: $289.99 (cash), $299.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood

  • A premium grade hardwood pellet by Energex.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Less than 1% ash content.
  • Produces over 8,000 BTUs per pound.

1 Ton: $279.99 (cash), $289.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blend

  • A premium grade hardwood/softwood blend by Energex.
  • Exceeds the premium grade standard set by the Pellet Fuel Institute.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • One bag replaces 2.4 gallons of heating oil.
  • Less than 1% ash content.

1 Ton: $269.99 (cash), $279.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood

  • Manufactured out of Mifflintown, PA and are made of the finest blend of hardwoods.
  • Provide an ash content well below the industry standard of 1%.
  • With the BTUs (on a dry basis) between 8,500 and 8,600, they put out a lot of heat with low ash at a great low price.
  • Best used in Whitfield, Avalon, & Lopi pellet stoves.

1 Ton: $259.99 (cash), $289.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blend

  • Manufactured out of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.
  • The best of both worlds – approximately 60% softwood and 40% hardwood which provides higher heat output and a lower ash content.
  • One of the best Premium Grade pellets out there, with an ash content between 0.5% and 0.7%. 8,700 BTU’s per pound.

1 Ton: $269.99 (cash), $279.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood

  • A premium grade hardwood pellet manufactured in the USA.
  • Produced in British Columbia Canada.
  • 100% renewable and generated from recycled sawdust at lumber and flooring manufacturing facilities that could otherwise be destined for landfills.
  • Only all-natural materials are used.
  • Burn hot enough to reduce emissions to 1.2 grams per hour when used in one of our appliances.

1 Ton: $265.99 (cash), $275.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blend

  • A premium hardwood/softwood blend made in the USA, manufactured at the highest quality control levels.
  • Offer up to 8,700 BTUs with less than 1% ash content.
  • Made from recycled sawmill waste.
  • Low moisture content burns hotter and faster.
  • 100% natural wood with no additives.

1 Ton: $289.99 (cash), $299.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Softwood

  • A high end super premium softwood pellet from Alberta Canada.
  • Made from clean, dry wood-waste fiber from their own lumber operation and neighboring sawmills.
  • Only the finest material is used – never any additives!
  • BTUs up to 8,900 per lb, ash as low as .33%.

1 Ton: $283.99 (cash), $292.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Softwood

  • A premium softwood pellet produced from exclusive Canadian pellet mills.
  • No additives, bark, or other contaminants.
  • The high quality of raw material combined with an automated system and efficient quality control at the mill ensures that these pellets meet the highest standard of quality available in the market.

Please contact us for more information!

Wood Pellets

Premium Softwood

  • Have a great reputation for burning hot and clean.
  • Produced in British Columbia Canada.
  • Most commonly known for their cleanliness as well as hotter heat than most other products.
  • Made with 100% spruce with no additives or fillers.

Please contact us for more information!

Wood Pellets

Specially Formulated Fir Pellets

  • A premium softwood pellet made from Specially Formulated Fir from Northwest Canada.
  • All natural wood fiber with zero additives.
  • Contain less than half of the moisture content accepted by “premium” standards resulting in cleaner, hotter and longer lasting heat.
  • Best used in Ravelli stoves & Travis AGP.

1 Ton: $269.99

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood

  • A premium grade hardwood pellet made from 100% hardwood wood fiber; there are no additives or chemicals.
  • Because they use the wood waste created by their own sawmills they are in total control of their pellet quality.
  • The technology at their sawmills ensures that the wood product that goes into their pellets has never come in contact with the ground, guaranteeing clean, consistent hardwood pellets that won’t contain any dangerous contaminants.

1 Ton: $239.99 (cash), $249.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Pinewood

  • Canadian softwood made from premium pinewood.
  • Contain very little fines, broken pellets or sawdust.
  • Offer up to 8,700 BTUs with less than 1% ash content.
  • Contain no bark.

1 Ton: $273.99 (cash), $282.99 (credit, 6 month finance)

Wood Pellets

Premium Hardwood

  • A Premium Hardwood pellet made from the finest residual wood chips that can be found in Eastern Connecticut.
  • Sourcing and processing wood fiber is their sole focus as a company and now they have turned that focus to producing high quality wood pellets.
  • Contain less than 1% ash.
  • Produce more than 8,200 BTU/lb.
  • Have less than 0.05% fines.

Please contact us for more information!


Compressed Wood

  • The top-of-the-heap in the compressed log and manufactured log market.
  • Made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills, they are a much cleaner burning fuel than firewood.
  • “Because of our manufacturing methods, Energy Logs create less particulate emissions, less ash and little or no residue.” – North Idaho Energy Logs, Inc.

1 Pallet (240 Logs): $434.99


Natural Pressed Wood

  • All natural, pressed wood fuel developed as a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional firewood.
  • Bark is removed and the wood fire is kiln dried to allow the heat created during burning to transfer directly into your home rather than going up your chimney.
  • A well established HOT fire creates little visible smoke or creosote in your chimney and leaves one tenth the ash residue.

1 Bundle: $4.99

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