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Dean’s Carries the Full Line of These Fine Products

DaVinci Custom Linear Gas Fireplaces

The options are endless with DaVinci custom linear gas fireplaces, adding design, innovation, and functionality to virtually anywhere in your home. Choose from 3′ to 21′ long and from 12″ to 58″ high! The ultimate beauty comes from DaVinci’s innovative Safe Touch Glass™. No matter where you touch, the hottest the glass gets is 135º – that’s the lowest anywhere!


  • Best fire presentation of any linear fireplace on the market.
  • Safe Touch Glass™
  • Reflective crushed glass floor with multi-colored LED lighting.
  • Multiple stone and log fire art options.
Maestro Collection

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Maestro Custom Gas Fireplaces

  • The Maestro™ Collection is made up of 12 new gas fireplaces.
  • These decorative, non-heater rated fireplaces are available in either vertical or square models.
  • There are two vertical models: 36″ wide X 48″ tall & 36″ wide X 58″ tall.
  • And two square models: 36″ X 36″ & 48″ X 48″.
  • These two configurations are available in single-sided and see-thru indoor/outdoor choices.
  • All Maestros come with the award winning TouchSmart control system.
  • Optional Bon-Fyre™ Birch Logs are a unique work of art and available in all Maestro models.
  • Halogen Down Lighting, which highlights the beautiful Bon-Fyre log, is standard on all Maestros.
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Gas Fireplaces

It’s hard to deny the allure of a fire – especially our gas fireplaces. Behind gorgeous designer faces and expansive windows, our log sets and patented Ember-Fyre technology create the illusion of real burning wood. But the hidden beauty here is convenience:

  • A cozy fire at the touch of a button, even when the power’s out.
  • Built in thermostats that regulate flame and heat.
  • Compatibility with LP and natural gas – your choice.

With so many options, what’s not to love?

custom gas fireplaces

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EcoSmart Fireplaces

A complete collection of ethanol fireplace design solutions.

  • No electrical needed.
  • No gas lines needed.
  • No venting needed.
  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Ethanol burners, fireplaces inserts, and zero clearance models.
  • Clean-burning, renewable fuel.
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Wood Fireplaces

Nothing heats like wood or compares to the ambiance of a crackling wood fire in your home. Feel good about burning wood in your home with our EPA Certified Lineup. The cleanest burning wood technology on the planet, they burn less wood while delivering more heat and saving you trips to your wood pile.

Choices! The Traditional style wood fireplaces that feature patented Posi-Pressure Systems will heat your home like a furnace while efficiently circulating and distributing the heat evenly throughout your entire home. Or go with the efficient, modern style fireplace with a see-thru, corner, 3-sided, or linear look that will heat as much as you need it too.

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Tulikivi Heat-Retaining Fireplace

With over 3 billion years in the making, Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplaces from Finland have excellent heat retaining & conducting properties. Their highly specific heat capacity makes soapstone a unique but extremely effective material for use in masonry heaters.

Soapstone warms up gradually from the fire & will gently heat a room. It uses an outside air connection to supply combustion air, so the warmth generated is mainly radiant heat which heats low level warmth. In comparison: convection air is generated from most wood stoves & this heat escapes upwards, as the convective heat from a normal heating source does.

Tulikivi masonry heaters produce a comfortable heat that radiates gently & evenly into the room from the soapstone, warming the space over many hours.

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Electric Fireplaces

Whether or not it comes from a full-sized fireplace, firelight never fails to set the perfect tone. Now, thanks to our innovative electric fireplaces, you can add ambiance and even heat to otherwise impossible spaces. There’s no venting required – just plug and play!

Remote controls let you manage the fire from afar. Some of our fireplaces even play music from hand-held and streaming audio devices. How simply perfect!

Dean’s Popular Fireplaces

Fireplace Xtrordinair 4415 See-Thru

Gas Fireplace

42,000 BTUs

Heats up to 2,100 square feet

Includes GreenSmart 2 wireless remote & interior accent lights

Fireplace Xtrordinair 864 High Output

Gas Fireplace

46,700 BTUs

83% efficient

Heats up to 2,500 square feet

Includes GreenSmart 2 wireless remote & interior accent lights

Spartherm Arte 3RL-100h

Wood Fireplace

78% efficient

Tulikivi TU2200

Wood Fireplace

87% efficient

Fireplace Xtrordinair 4237 Cleanface

Gas Fireplace

60,000 BTUs

Heats up to 3,000 square feet

Includes GreenSmart 2 wireless remote & interior accent lights

DaVinci Island

Gas Fireplace

14,500 BTUs per foot

Features SafeTouch™ glass & multi-colored lighting

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