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Fireplace Insert

Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

  • Heat more, longer, and with less fuel.
  • Be prepared for a power outage.
  • Eliminate chimney heat loss.
  • Reduce outdoor smoke emissions.
  • Less expensive than masonry repairs.

With the vast amount of fireplace inserts, almost any fireplace can be transformed from an old-fashioned masonry fireplace into a heat-generating, carbon neutral, reliable heat source.

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#1 Cut Heating Costs:

Old-fashioned masonry fireplaces steal your home’s heat by drawing the air in your home up the chimney. Even with a good damper, heat will escape. Installing a quality fireplace insert will virtually seal your chimney and drastically improve your heating costs. In addition, a masonry fireplace has an open hearth which, while pulling air up the chimney, makes wood burn faster at a much lower temperature. Fireplace inserts are well insulated and sealed, creating a slower and hotter burn.

#2 Reduce Carbon Emissions:

The longer a fire burns, the more it burns harmful gases. With today’s fireplace insert technology, you gain more heat with less fuel, while drastically reducing smoke and emission into the environment. The reason is a secondary combustion method which introduces oxygen into the firebox and promotes re-burn of most of the smoke and gases that would otherwise line your flue as creosote and exit your chimney as smoke.

#3 Masonry Repairs:

Chimney repairs are costly.  When you install a fireplace insert, we also install one of our chimney flue inserts manufactured to fit the the fireplace insert.  Usually, this consists of running  a stainless steel liner down the chimney, connected to a flex liner that can adapt to the angles in your flue and create a direct connection with your new firebox. These liners are easily cleaned by a professional without having to disconnect the installation.  with a flex portion to directly connect to the firebox.  The installation of a fireplace insert can restore the integrity of your chimney and save you money.

Flush mount hybrid fireplace insert

Expert Sales, Service, Installation

As authorized dealers for the best, most efficient fireplace inserts, we offer every model and many are all fired up year round at Dean’s House of Fire.

Our staff are expertly trained in fireplace inserts. They will spend as much time as you need answering your questions and helping you choose the perfect insert for your home. Our pro installation team will install your insert, review all the components with you, and show you how to efficiently operate the system.

Have questions? Dean’s is always here to help. Need service ? Count on Dean’s to offer the finest service for your product.

FireX_33DVI fireplace insert

Options! Wood, Pellet, Gas, Electric

Choose from zero clearance and flush mounted inserts, extended hearth inserts which allow for a handy cook-top surface, or a direct vent gas fireplace with the ambiance of colored crushed glass, stone, or driftwood. Whether you are searching for stunning beauty, a secondary heating and cooking source for emergencies, or to improve your home’s insulation and heating efficiency, the choices are virtually endless.

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#1 Fuel Options

Wood: Nothing heats like wood. It brightens the evenings and provides a gentle radiant heat. Wood is nature’s renewable resource: a natural fuel that, when used in any of our EPA certified stoves, produces no more emissions than would normally be produced from the same wood if left to decay in the forest. Consideration should be taken regarding the ease and cost of wood sources. Wood burning stoves require no electricity to run.

Gas: Both natural gas and LP gas (propane) are the third burning option. These stoves require a fuel source, burn very cleanly and emit very little pollution. Although some models do not require outside venting, the EPA does not support their use due to indoor air quality concerns. Gas stoves are typically more efficient than either wood or pellet due to the higher levels of insulation. However, gas is more expensive to purchase.

The professional staff at Dean’s Stove & Spa can help you calculate and design a plan for the best freestanding stove to meet your needs and budget.

#2 Fronts, Faces & Décor

A fireplace makes a statement in any room. From traditional to contemporary, zero clearance to flush mount, there is such a vast variety of styles it can be hard to choose!  This is why Dean’s Stove & Spa is so popular.  We have the largest display of inserts and an extremely knowledge staff that can help you build the look of your dreams.  The possibilities are endless.

#3 Looking Through the Glass:

Many customers have said that they will miss the ambiance and view of their comfy old traditional fire. They are surprised to learn that not only are there hundreds of glass size options, but the glass stays clean! A steady stream of fresh air enters, gets hot as it is drawn up the heated air chamber, and travels through a screened air wash that diffuses and evenly distributes air across the glass to keep smoke and ash particles away.

Modern, Romantic – Linear Gas Fireplaces

WOW! That’s what we hear every day. It’s a combination of the very best of home heating combined with style and ambiance. Behind these beautiful direct vent gas fireplaces is superior craftsmanship, efficiency, and impressive heat output. Turn any room or wall into a center focal point of under-lighting, dancing flames, colored glass, or decorative driftwood, logs, and stone.

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Direct Venting

Our gas inserts are “direct vent”, meaning they pull combustion air from the outside of the house, not your living space. Both combustion air and exhaust gases pass through your existing chimney via a direct vent kit.

Viewing:  Lights, Camera, Action

For the ultimate in contemporary design, browse our showroom for a full range of high performance linear gas fireplaces that feature 36, 44, and 60 inch wide fire viewing areas and unique interior art. Choose from traditional log sets, driftwood fire art, Fyre-Stone rocks or glass in several illuminating colors like platinum, bronze, and cobalt. Accent lights add a warm glow to the interior and can be used whether the fire is on or off.  With accent lighting, your gas burning fireplace can enhance your home 365 days a year.

Add the convenience of a multi-function remote control to adjust:

  • On/Off
  • Thermostat
  • Flame
  • Fan
  • Lighting

Dean’s Popular Fireplace Inserts

Lopi Freedom

Wood Insert

73,300 BTUs

Heats up to 2,000 square feet

Fireplace Xtrordinair 34 DVL

Gas Insert

40,000 BTUs

Heats up to 2,000 square feet

Includes GreenSmart 2 wireless remote & interior accent lights

American Hearth Franklin DVC

Gas Insert

28,500 BTUs

77% efficient

Comes with either Standing Pilot or Green Earth Preferred Intermittent Pilot

Lopi Radiant Plus Large

Gas Insert

33,000 BTUs

Heats up to 1,650 square feet

Comes with either Standing Pilot or GreenSmart Pilot

Lopi AGP

Pellet Insert

78% efficient

70 pound hopper

Fireplace Xtrordinair Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre

Wood Insert

83,200 BTUs

80% efficiency – the cleanest burning wood insert in the world!

Heats up to 2,500 square feet

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