You may think that the season for looking for a swim spa is coming to a close, but in reality there is no bad time to buy! Keep reading to find out why choosing a swim spa can be an excellent investment.

When you see a swim spa, you probably only imagine it being used for swimming toward resistance jets. While this phenomenal exercise benefit is the main allure of swim spas, they also are equal parts a massive hot tub and a compact swimming pool! By adjusting the temperature, jet power, water features, and more, you’ll find that swim spas check off an entire list of necessities for your outdoor space, in one appliance – saving you space, and most importantly money. They are also portable and incredibly versatile: the two swim spas pictured are the exact same model, creatively installed in very different ways.

You may be hesitant to consider a swim spa because they seem costly, but did you know that they are actually significantly cheaper than pools? When you take into consideration the cost of installing a custom pool from scratch, the price difference is already immense – and you won’t get a single benefit that you would otherwise get from a swim spa. Plus, since swim spas tend to be more compact and conveniently sized than pools, they require less energy to filtrate, as well as fewer chemicals. Swim spas also require much less maintenance than swimming pools. They are much easier to clean, and because of their smooth surface less debris will attach itself to begin with.

The best part? Swim spas can be used year-round. Whether you want to take a dip on a scorching day or want to watch the snow fall around you in the midst of winter, you can change the swim spa’s temperature to accommodate your surroundings. And that year-round usage means no more painstaking labor of opening and closing the pool and reseting it year after year!